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idea to divert the water into the drain. >> if there is anything we need to be worried about, they'd tell us. so we're assuming they're safe now. >> i don't think they'll reach that part. we had a beautiful park here. >> a plan to deal with that hillside expected to be discussed later this week. >> get that under control. and have a plan what it is we need to do. >> someone asked me would i sleep there? i said yes. i would. >> now, the city still doesn't know why that kite ruptured. they say the city believes age had a factor.
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>> thank you. just how much rain will hall when the storm comes in. we're live with a look. sandhya? >> yes. check out there are clouds just high clouds going to live doppler 7 hd. and you can see there is moisture reaching the ground. so high clouds now, but a big change is coming up. rain coming with the first storm. daily city beginning possibly friday could be seeing as much as 41/100ths of rain by saturday morning. going from friday, saturday. under a half inch. looking at rainfall from friday through monday, the daily city could see an inch and a half of rain. the storm is expected to move
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in friday morning but this isn't the only storm. there are a couple more storms to go. i'll talk about that in just a few minutes when i tell you about clicking to a wet pattern. >> there is some photos from heavenly, opening today much to the delight of skiers and they've had their snow making machines clanked on full. we're live at north star, another resort that opened today. hi, laura. >> and happy to hear about those coming rains in the bay area. folks say today was a beautiful day. not warm enough to melt the snow here. crowds were light but there
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was no shortage of enthusiasm. we're not halfway through november and several resorts opened for the season. >> it's beautiful. open. great set up in the day. have a beer. >> after good storms, there is some aggressive storm making, north staff star and heavenly opened early. >> we're really excited about this year. this is a great start. people are thrilled. we've had a fun day. >> for those wanting to make early turns. >> and and some is man made, is that okay? >> it works. there is plenty of it. >> and they managed to meet
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those looking for air. >> it's a good sign and this is great as well. >> now, the ice rink here also open very few takers at the moment. fires going. it's a great place to be here. squaw valley plans to open friday. resorts could be in full operation. if storms cooperate. >> folks look forward to that. thank you very much. president obama did not back down to pointed questions during a news conference following the election. three issues cia sex scandal. the president says this drama has no bearing on national security. tax cuts, he says the nation cannot afford tax breaks for
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wealthyest americans and says anyone who has an issue with un ambassador susan rice, a possible choice for secretary of state should go after him not her. rice has come under skrut my on the handling of attacks on the u.s. embassy in ben dwaz gazy some republicans vowed to block the phone shall nomination. the president took a wide range of questions for nearly an hour and talk btd resignation of david petraeus and discovered -- discussed mandatory spending cuts and tax increases will take affect. >> top priority has to be jobs and growth. got to build on progresses we've made. we've got a growing, thriving middle class. >> republicans say they're willing to make a deal but are adammant taxes not increase. dow jones fell today on news a
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deal is not close. nancy pelosi says she wants to keep her role, her post as house minority leader. she will run to keep her job. the 7-year-old wants to continue to empower women. >> we know one way to increase involvement of women increasing level of stability. >> pelosi highlighted strength today surrounded by all women lawmakers when she made the aannouncement. this is congress woman jeanette rankin, the first woman elected to congress in 1917. 78 female representatives have been elected to serve in congress and there will be 20
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female senators in january. >> john mcafee aez bizarre saga continued he says he's hiding in belize with a female companion, again denying killing his neighborhood last weekend and says he won't surrender because he's afraid police antigang units will kill him. a strange story. parts of san francisco city hall are still running on emergency power tonight. a fire tripped a sprinkler system knocking down power to parts of the building. crews working to restore power to third and fourth both floors closed by the mayor today. across the bay, police
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agreed to pay nearly $5 million for a claim they were illegally strip searched by officers. city council approved the deal, several lawsuits filed by men claiming they had their pants pulled down on city streets from 2002 to 2009. that settlement will be distributed to about 39 men. >> authorities released pictures of four men suspected of distributing child pornography arrested yesterday after police searched six search warrants. 100 officers took part in this operation. >> santa cruz police looking for an armed robber that walked into a business with a shotgun. they say he demanded money from the employee. the employee grabbed the weapon. they struggled briefly.
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this employee was injured but nothing serious. >> well, local home sales continue to rebound. analysts say some 8,000 were sold in the last month in nine county bay areas. 21% compared to a year ago. only sector not recovering are homes less than 300,000s skpdz underwater. on the flip side, sales of homes costing between $400,000 and $800,000 up 26%. median sails price is now $416,000. >> coming up, the retail stores that make the most money for square foot one thanks to something created in silicon valley. >> and a desperate search to find a dog stolen from a home on the peninsula.
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a important companion for a young woman with special needs. >> you're going to think about what you touch the next time you fly. the top spots for picking up
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>> you don't have to have thanksgiving without fresh crab this year. the dispute delaying the start a year ago was averted and boats headed out of pier 45 this morning. they're out now. setting traps about three hours out from the california coastline. fishermen expect a decent catch but not as bountiful as last year. >> crab looking well. size is about 42 pounds so we're looking forward to a good season the merchants will
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be paying $3 a pound for crab. >> there is a desperate plea from a peninsula family after a pup qee was stolen. they're offering a reward for the safe return. this puppy has a special place with one of their daughters. >> right this, goes beyond an ordinary rez den yil burglary. this it appears thieves crossed the line. thieves broke into the home monday by going to the back gate. this is a photo of the ransacked bedroom. gus, a pointer mix is gone. >> who would take an 11 week old puppy from a family. why? why would they do? >> the tears and frustration go beyond obvious. the thieves had no wi of
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knowing the puppy is bonding with the family's 20-year-old special needs daughter, kate. >> she loved gus. and was saying his name, which is a big deal for her, she can't speak well. she'd call him gus gus. >> police are now investigating the crime. >> we're taking it very seriously. assuming that someone thought he was keeping the pet for their own. >> the family posting flyers and turning to social need meeda for help. >> i've had friends talking to their friends who live in the bay area. so that thank god for facebook. >> and and the family hoped to train him they know his temperment is a perfect companion for the daughter. >> please don't hurt him. take care of him. bring him back home. >> now, amount of the cash
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reward is not yet determined. police trying to track stolen mfdz to see if that didn't help lead them. in redwood city, abc 7 news. >> thank you so much. we have very important health news now. black women are more likely to die of breast cancer than any other racial group. that is according to a study. cdc found breast cancer rates dropped over 20 years and while black women have fewer new cases there are 40% more likely to die from the disease than women finding black women do not get the same quality treatment for breast cancer as white women. >> the city of san francisco is being sued tonight. it's legal action fighting for
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the right to be naked in public. >> last week, a woman surprised everybody here by taking her clothes off inside city hall. today, the protestors stayed outside city hall. they are protesting what they see as an attack on their civil rights. and the nudests have hired a lawyer. >> a strike or a publicity stunt? two views why have they're heading to the court house in san francisco. they're asking a judge for a temporary restraining order to try to block this city from banning what they call a fundamental freedom. >> i'm trying to protect rights of clients. engage in protective political speech guaranteed by the constitution. >> she says they'll file a class action lawsuit. scoot weiner says his constituents are sick of the
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so called naked guy who's have all but taken over a plaza in his district. >> the lawsuit from what i can tell, publicity stunt. it seems frivolous to me nudity restricks are common throughout the country and parts of california. >> protestors say san francisco is different. >> san francisco was built off the barber coast. it does not have a purist origin. >> the show stopping rally captured attention of tourists and a documentary camera crew from norway. a mother of the bride was not amused. >> it's extreme. >> the mayor agrees. >> we're talking more than just first amendment rights and people gone overboard with exhibitionists. >> and there will be another protest here on saturday, and
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next week the full vote will take a vote on this proposed ban. >> thank you very much. >> a class action lawsuit filed against a pizza giant. >> yes. a big company. >> the popular papa johns pizza chain may be delivering more than petesa. consumers filed a class action lawsuit against the pizza giant. the suit claims papa john's delivered a half million unwanted text messages advertising petes yachl suit says that buy yates the telephone consumer protection act because consumers want $500 per text. papa johns says there snujing to do with the ads. a work of a few. 24 million americans will be fined this thanksgiving that means a lot of germs on the planes but which places on the
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plane planes have the most germs? scientists studied this question. we have interviewed it before. dr. germ identified three dirtiest spots. the bathroom is one of them. after that, it's the tray tables. yes, that is where you place food. then, the latches on the overhead bins. dr. germ says we touch those places the most and latches don't get cleaned regularly. his advice? use hand sanitizers and, get this, hold your broj. >> i may fly in a hazmat suit. >> that is the way to go. >> i bring sanitizer. >> yes. >> nothing gets particularly clean on planes.. >> thank you. >> apple stores apparently earning a lot more money per square foot than the world premier diamond store, consulting firm breaks down the stores making most money for square foot. coach, four, lulu lemon, three,
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two, tiffany's, apple stores, taking home gold at number one. just over $6,000 in sales per square foot. >> let's focus again on the weather forecast. >> let's go live from this broadcast center, high clouds passing through. palm trees barely moving and it's a mild afternoon we'll check that out in just a moment. the after flow bloe was a sunset at 4:59. you can see wispy clouds to the best. across the bay, it's gorgus out there.
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66 in antioch. santa resa airport 71. san jose, 70 degrees. now, today, has been a gorgeous day. a few high clouds right now. it's going to be seeing live changes that will be trapped not just one storm but more storms to follow. comfortable now. it's 70 degrees right now in downtown oakland. here are the highlights, clouds increased tomorrow, chance of showers tomorrow night. we're looking at periods of rain from friday through sunday. so major changes are coming. tomorrow morning, bundle up heading out of the door. it's going to be chilly again. 40 in nappa. mid-40s around
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livermore. here is the satellite and radar, you can see clouds just passing through with a george gorgeous day. there is a rain gathering friday. it could get here early as tomorrow night. here is a computer animation of clouds passing through. they're harmless. going to be cooler in the afternoon. then, we can see rain chances beginning thursday night going into friday. the most of the dynamics remaining off the coast. when all is said and done, rainfall totals up to an inch and a half in santa cruz mountains. half an inch to inch in the north bay. about a third to three quarters in the east bay.
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high temperatures coming down, still mild. 67 in oakland. 68 in livermore, 66 san jose. we're looking at 67 in santa cruz. showers saturday. more rain coming in sunday is another system approaches going cooler. the break arrives as you take a look at the accu-weather forecast monday. monday possibility again tuesday, continuing into wednesday. get your rain gear ready. you may see these things. we'll be needing them from friday through sunday. prepare for changes. >> yes. >> thank you. >> still to come the proposed sporting deal could bring thousands of jobs to the bay area. >> then, at 6:00 watch of a new video gaming system could make or break one of the
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biggest companies in the
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san francisco residents will get a fair shot at construction jobs on the proposed arena for golden state warriors. the warriors as well as trade unions and community leaders signed a deal guaranteeing jobs for san francisco residents and veterans. under the agreement a minimum of 25% of those hired must live in the city. >> i think it's a real accomplishment, something that will provide us a effective means of addressing local hire. >> supporters say the project will create 4300 jobs. it will be locate at piers 30-32 and och by the nba
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season in 2018. >> a local program offering better employment to families is expanding. peninsula family services is helping families in santa clara county. it allows them to drive to and from work. >> being a single mother, i didn't have 8,000ses today put down. it's a challenge for me. the way the work program they came to my rescue, like my angels. >> and my colleague at 6:00 and 11:00 was mc for at announcement. the ways to work program helped 400 families in the bay area county. what a terrific way. you know? transportation is key. >> absolutely.
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list dwron this. willy wonka, eat your heart out.
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coming up at 6:00 tonight a move to fight global warming in california. what some are calling a historic step to combat climate change. others say it's a tax wiping out jobs. we'll have the story skmor coming up at 6:00. >> now, coffee drinkers are used to specialty coffee. >> this shop in the mission district opened doors today, inside, customers can watch as dandelion chocolate workers roast and grind beans into bars. >> they're not shy about this is "world news." tonight, drawing the lin

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